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Shish 6cc7124069 ignore 3 years ago
Shish 30698fefdc remove a bunch of dead variables and things 3 years ago
Shish c440682ae7 ignores 3 years ago
Shish 34b05cca7c PSR-2. I'm not a huge fan, but ugly consistency beats no consistency... 4 years ago
Shish c9ccb22951 make handle_static its own extension 4 years ago
Daku 0b75b559a0 init composer 7 years ago
Shish 793bc3614b loooooooads of artists refactoring and tidying 7 years ago
jgen 4deb7e1775 Update the gitignore file to exclude operating system detritus and such. 9 years ago
Shish 5e556829d7 ignore vim undo files 9 years ago
Shish 67f1c1c51d store enabled exts in a config file, rather than moving directories around 11 years ago
Shish 596d7e6537 unignore bits, these should be in data 11 years ago
Shish fd094050fc move config file to data 11 years ago
Shish 37ba0348cc ignore editcloud 11 years ago
Shish 409a3b9b23 network logging, for irccat 11 years ago
Shish 7f6d60fe93 ignore not_a_tag 11 years ago
Daku 80970f924e this should be here >_< 11 years ago
Daku 07e786101d download all images function for admin 11 years ago
Daku a590bf5e15 cleaned up update ext 11 years ago
Shish 33606444ca these should be ignored as full directories; if they aren't, some other problem needs fixing 11 years ago
Shish 2f565c66d3 ignore oekaki 11 years ago
Daku f589ee3f80 git ignore update 11 years ago
NaGeL 520fb08652 just gitignore update 11 years ago
green-ponies (jgen) 0d863c898e These files are needed for the jQuery UI library. 12 years ago
Diftraku 065102016a Git ignore for artists extension 12 years ago
Diftraku cc4b8d7d83 Added blocks and bookmarks to .gitignore, removed dupe notes 12 years ago
Christian Walde 49d4f36071 added first version of mass tagger 13 years ago
Shish 1f44bed8d3 ignore it too 13 years ago
Shish 06b9eebe49 start of the api 13 years ago
Shish 75f7b7ad6a more ignorance 13 years ago
Shish 6a75857b72 more ignores 13 years ago
Shish 694200d9f8 proper logging 13 years ago
Shish 6b60b6f58b ignore more stuff 14 years ago
Shish c506030acd ignore more 14 years ago
Shish 66479bff53 ignorance is bliss 14 years ago
shish b9b3f540e2 ignore activated extensions 14 years ago
shish ef496da3e3 ignore install-specific things 14 years ago