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Shish 1d389f0156 make tests/router.php more like .htaccess 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour eb4292316d Added webp upload and thumbnailing support 4 years ago
Shish 65d2172ede move images and thumbs to data/ 4 years ago
Daku e2272e7786 linting 6 years ago
Daku cd7352ad9b only need to disable these on PHP5.3 and lower 6 years ago
im-mi 8805f0dd18 Remove get_ico page 6 years ago
im-mi d8e1346b78 Replace deprecated DefaultType directive 7 years ago
Daku dd105e174e images aren't always jpg, so don't force jpg 7 years ago
Thasan 993bedc10c Changing to use IfModule instead of IfVersion 7 years ago
Thasan b92dfd6718 Adding support for apache 2.4 7 years ago
HungryFeline a87aedcef9 Checking if mod_headers is loaded before trying to set Cache-Control headers 10 years ago
Shish 9b93df4e22 make apache cache-control/expires settings only apply to static files; shimmie will take care of the web pages 11 years ago
Shish Moom 2eea8b22f2 .htaccess updates, expires and compression headers 14 years ago
Shish 4e4f0be4e5 more sqlite niceness 14 years ago
shish d406f9b4a4 more generic match 16 years ago
shish d0cbdf0b8c Wait a minute... I don't support php4 :3 16 years ago
shish 0e20a2554f for people who only have php as cgi 16 years ago
shish a917073fee default MIME type in .htaccess 16 years ago
shish bf46c2fd54 Dear PHP, 16 years ago
shish 89b54ad6c7 default win32 LAMP doesn't set this. Note .php5 before .php as some hosts require it, and it does no harm 16 years ago
shish fc49861fcb make rewrite conditional on the module being loaded 16 years ago
shish 54acefbb99 include .htaccess by default 16 years ago