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Shish 03806d0420 https a bunch of things 3 years ago
Shish c3b67f346b Actually, let's have the docs in the wiki 3 years ago
Shish a3f0c94ca2 version bump, and don't suggest that people should use old branches 3 years ago
Shish 76b346b45d docs folder 3 years ago
Shish fe874389ab change test name 3 years ago
Shish ad9cca36b1 improvements to run inside docker 3 years ago
Shish bbb8d8be4f docker docs 3 years ago
Shish f53cd593c5 travis ci -> github actions in the README 3 years ago
Shish 5a8d2be90a some extra docs 3 years ago
Shish d7b08d7b95 bump required versions based on Debian Stable 3 years ago
Shish 727fd921be remove references to develop 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour cb1e9c0075 Permissions to constants 4 years ago
Matthew Barbour 070429402b readme corrections 4 years ago
Matthew Barbour 5c48a5c6ee readme correction 4 years ago
Matthew Barbour b1909ffed6 readme correction 4 years ago
Shish 189385ff61 forgot that php isn't python 4 years ago
Shish bd7901eddf remove dead links 4 years ago
Shish dd80363c61 remove dead links 4 years ago
Shish 5c49b3631d un-bump php back to 7.0, because debian stable... 4 years ago
Shish 379fcdfd20 docker instructions 4 years ago
Shish 15f0847434 PHP bump, 7.2 is stable now, let's require at least 7.1 4 years ago
Shish 117e018eb6 branch off 2.7 for php7 5 years ago
Daku df38c7978c remove composer dependency on composer-asset-plugin & use asset-packagist instead 6 years ago
jgen ab27e2d2a5 Bump PHP version up to 5.6 6 years ago
Shish 17696f842c tiny readme tweak 7 years ago
Shish dc10a18086 lots of minor doc tweaks, type hints, etc 7 years ago
Daku 66226b5ccf include code quality, code coverage imgs in readme 7 years ago
Daku d4793db6a5 improve instructions 7 years ago
Daku b70e24acde github apparently auto-numbers rows and ignores ours 7 years ago
Daku f3d56f5810 fix README 7 years ago
Daku f6e1da349b added composer setup instructions 7 years ago
Shish 78bbaa04de PHP 5.3 has been EOL for a year now, Postgres 8 too 8 years ago
Shish e259b8cd5a bcrypt had bugs before 5.3.7 9 years ago
jgen 024e7eac8d Fix underling. 9 years ago
jgen b707081b33 Cleaning up the README. 9 years ago
jgen c37ba07de0 Convert the README.txt file into Markdown format. 9 years ago
jgen 26e8db1fdc Add the Travis-CI build status icon image to the Readme. ;) 9 years ago
jgen 8193b82735 Explicitly call out MariaDB in the README. 9 years ago
Shish 31cfb00b15 readme update 10 years ago
Shish 6cbf1b7865 requirement bump, 5.3 should be common by now 10 years ago
Shish 5022d2b965 more tags, more opera glitch workarounds 11 years ago
Shish 6394cd8100 make shm-thumb use consistent across themes, with data-tags and data-post-id 11 years ago
Shish 6717639caa update readme to clarify ui-* and shm-* 11 years ago
Shish 93281b17c2 example of anon with comments 11 years ago
Shish 1c7bb653de example of a moderator class 11 years ago
Shish 67f1c1c51d store enabled exts in a config file, rather than moving directories around 11 years ago
Shish fd094050fc move config file to data 11 years ago
Shish 094002c442 remove blank lines 11 years ago
Shish 50a6013569 nicer custom classes 11 years ago
Shish 6204046be5 upgrade notes 11 years ago