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Shish 8bac027139 don't use php-cs-fixer 3.0 yet, our config file only works with 2.X 2 years ago
Shish ac981c5eab bumps 2 years ago
Shish 77f7121e26 drop php7.3 support, make use of 7.4 features 2 years ago
Shish 6221fbb096 drop flash support 2 years ago
Shish 05798f9cad bump svg-sanitize 2 years ago
Matthew Barbour bd079722c0 Added php-cs-fixer to composer dev requirements 2 years ago
Shish 89864f7d53 bumps 2 years ago
Shish 583cf6751a test php8 build 2 years ago
Shish 574ec0b4c0 more semver 2 years ago
Shish e208f9d297 phpunit 9 2 years ago
Shish 2ac695c135 bump some dependencies 2 years ago
Shish 3e017818dc more explicit versions 2 years ago
Shish 40b80bca93 add fileinfo to composer.json 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour edc8e5aa43 Added bulk import/export to gd suggestion 3 years ago
Shish e362f3bad2 stop depending on unmaintained tablesorter plugin 3 years ago
dependabot[bot] 22171806da
Bump enshrined/svg-sanitize from 0.12.0 to 0.13.1 3 years ago
dependabot[bot] f27921e9ef
Bump enshrined/svg-sanitize from 0.8.2 to 0.12.0 3 years ago
Shish 562a2c8fea use microhtml for ext_manager 3 years ago
Shish 861def1aa3 be explicit about using FFS-PHP's PDO not vanilla PDO 3 years ago
Shish a175405210 replace ipban page with microcrud 3 years ago
Shish 4026181219 composer updates 3 years ago
Shish 659ef7dac9 update dependencies 3 years ago
Shish ccb9c493d5 s/Context/EventTracer/g 4 years ago
Shish 97f8234778 bump phpunit to 7.x 4 years ago
Shish bf473f6d51 more lint fixes 4 years ago
Shish 2396ae2ef9 fix a bunch of lints 4 years ago
Shish 5ec3e89884 php7.1 all the things 4 years ago
Shish 5c49b3631d un-bump php back to 7.0, because debian stable... 4 years ago
Shish 9e795f41a7 use vendor JS directly instead of copy-pasting 4 years ago
Shish b2f10ea5ab split up files in core/ for saner management 4 years ago
Shish 15f0847434 PHP bump, 7.2 is stable now, let's require at least 7.1 4 years ago
Shish 60d693d323 use svg-sanitize to sanitize SVG files 5 years ago
Shish bc68137797 use svg-sanitize to sanitize SVG files 5 years ago
Shish c7ca2f4154 un-bundle context.php 5 years ago
Shish df3f061533 PHPUnit 6 5 years ago
Shish 4dfad1dfbf also composer.json itself 5 years ago
Shish 4796ee9f00 rebuild composer.lock with php5.6 5 years ago
Daku 6006530b3d password_compat is not required on PHP 5.5+ 6 years ago
Daku 915acda6c7 update PHP-Akismet to PHP7 Compatable version 6 years ago
Daku df38c7978c remove composer dependency on composer-asset-plugin & use asset-packagist instead 6 years ago
jgen ab9dc0c511 Move phpunit to require-dev in composer.json 6 years ago
jgen fef219c853 Add explicit phpunit dependency back 6 years ago
jgen c1e115e075 Test removing explict phpunit dependency from composer 6 years ago
jgen ab27e2d2a5 Bump PHP version up to 5.6 6 years ago
jgen f21648b46d Add phpunit to composer dependencies & update composer 6 years ago
Daku 60dd9eeb90 temp solution to avoid removing modernizr lib 7 years ago
Daku 861862a3e1 password compat lib is now autoloaded with composer 7 years ago
Daku 3ebf78e252 make sure lib/vendor folder is cleared on composer update 7 years ago
Daku caed53de6a jQuery.cookie is deprecated so use js-cookie instead (+ composer), some js tweaking too 7 years ago
Daku b0daab8766 move from Jaris > MediaElement for <video> fallback + use composer 7 years ago