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butterbutt 00e625d679
add okebooru theme 3 years ago
butterbutt 3bf111603f
resolve merge conflict 3 years ago
butterbutt 653d8540f3
replace logo 3 years ago
butterbutt 1f3785c9f2
enable category search completion 3 years ago
butterbutt 287d21e277
make approval work with postgresql 3 years ago
butterbutt fbbcf98b92
only allow admin to mark images as private 3 years ago
butterbutt b304b638d6
allow anonymous comments 3 years ago
Shish 2ac695c135 bump some dependencies 3 years ago
Shish 3e017818dc more explicit versions 3 years ago
Shish 9be859a01e Link to forum from navigation, not user links, see #753 3 years ago
Shish 1159ba2fa1 format 3 years ago
Shish 6284f3bcb8 Add a link to the forum, see #753 3 years ago
Shish cae24210cc s/dorum/forum/ - fixes #753 - thanks @psychosoundwave :D 3 years ago
Shish a93c66515b
Merge pull request #749 from sanmadjack/video_transcode 3 years ago
Shish 4131bcbd64
Merge pull request #748 from sanmadjack/image_info 3 years ago
Shish 111c4e3fb5
Merge pull request #747 from sanmadjack/ffmpeg_thumb_temp_file 3 years ago
Shish 5d86314fc2
Merge pull request #746 from sanmadjack/resize_types 3 years ago
Shish d320efea3d
Merge pull request #745 from sanmadjack/image_count_speed_hax 3 years ago
Shish 16652399a2
Merge pull request #744 from sanmadjack/lower_filename_search 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 9aedc93549 Extended autocomplete plugin to work for just about all tag entry fields 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour ff17c0b401 Added internal API extension for providing data over ajax 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour ecd860ec6d Video transcoding extension, currently just supports changing the video container 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 65aca09203 Added understanding of video codecs, primarily to allow us to determine whether a file is a webm or not, but also to support my forthcoming video transcoding extension 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 4c5ef85906 Added image info option to admin, changed the info template parser to not use the url-escaped option 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 2ddfbe69a6 Added handling to ensure that video thumbnails don't leave temp files behind 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 2dedeb06e0 Added "Fit Blur Tall, Fill Wide" resize type 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour ab008e351d Added SPEED_HAX criteria to image count shortcuts. 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour b8b33eecfe Added lower to filename search 3 years ago
Shish 988bc831b2 no headers 3 years ago
Shish d5993c02f3 eokm filter 3 years ago
Shish cb6c9ba987 ffs, php 3 years ago
Shish 49e4c3f9c7 info as part of view ext 3 years ago
Shish 804fc038bf extra info 3 years ago
Shish 446e7e0841 add not-a-tag tests 3 years ago
Shish b1f37f1ccb another escape 3 years ago
Shish aeb9829c9a if an admin tries to use a banned tag (eg during a mass-revert), ignore it 3 years ago
Shish 8c713af952 remove custom DB for untags now that we use microcrud 3 years ago
Shish e0519bb125 r34 theme-specific stuff to theme/script.js 3 years ago
Shish e6ec2340af fixes for tabular settings 3 years ago
Shish cbe1f792f9 format 3 years ago
Shish de26b7f373 don't die if database is missing a MIME type 3 years ago
Shish 153aa481da re-add support for $ext in link template 3 years ago
Shish 065f9da2d6 theme update 3 years ago
Shish 0362d07cd5 less jquery 3 years ago
Shish 05a1b63061 php 7.4 is stable now 3 years ago
Shish 926cdc31a8 nicer error for unsupported version 3 years ago
Shish 3297e71636 Add image/ because OSX uses that instead of image/x-icon 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 35626d3989 Added options and onImageDownloading event handlers to allow resizing and converting images via get arguments 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour a3a3aba040 Added ImageDownloadingEvent that allows extensions to stop a user from viewing an image or perform other operations on the image before the image is downloaded to the user 3 years ago
Matthew Barbour 688fb8b04b Added ability to upload multiple files through a single upload input 3 years ago