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Shish 082730f29a get the tag initials from the database itself 12 years ago
Shish 8887ffe101 make paging optional 12 years ago
Shish b7bd74055d PHP is officially the worst web API ever 12 years ago
Shish e05d4619db Also I hate PHP on a personal level. 12 years ago
Shish e9fedb570a PHP is shit. MySQL is also shit. 12 years ago
Shish b57a2d2121 paged tag lists backend, and speed hax 12 years ago
Shish 67e0c87b20 create a generic bool_escape function, use that 12 years ago
Shish d167849ffc huge if block is correct, but unnecessary - we can just take the first letter and the even system will validate it 12 years ago
Shish 3e6d5cec6f rating event rather than database access 12 years ago
Shish Moom d25ef4e6f6 Merge pull request #63 from DakuTree/master 12 years ago
Shish ba02e589b0 IP isn't an int 12 years ago
Shish 070aeff199 search images by uploader IP 12 years ago
Shish cd609141f4 optional warehouse split levels 12 years ago
Daku 66484a8e68 Thumbs should now be centered. 12 years ago
Daku c645fb4b0e Title should now always stay as site name, to avoid tag hell for images with loads of tags. 12 years ago
Daku 394f4518a3 More improvements to the uploader. 12 years ago
Shish 2f9979c790 include config.php before define()ing settings, so that config.php can control them 12 years ago
Shish 6d3cdb208c those functions aren't /called/ unless coverage is set ._.;; 12 years ago
Shish 883c73c9ff even if xdebug is installed, only run coverage when told to 12 years ago
Shish b5f5c861c4 quality in imagemagick mode 12 years ago
Daku ee1fc7e3ae Admin can now lock image while transloading. 12 years ago
Shish 5121e99dbe speed hax and niceurl forcing from r34 12 years ago
Daku 42b902ecb5 Bookmarklet should now grab the rating, aswell as the image page link for source. 12 years ago
Daku cd11e75e40 Can now set rating/external source while uploading via the bookmarklets. 12 years ago
Shish 913bb09cc6 PDO compat woo 12 years ago
Shish 002df1a7ba keywords for images with lite theme 12 years ago
Shish 11881c9993 specify content-type for home page 12 years ago
Shish Moom 990dbe5fd1 Merge pull request #59 from DakuTree/master 12 years ago
Daku 660f9ca4b0 Changed "'thumb_width', 'thumb_height'" > "$config->get_int('thumb_width'), $config->get_int('thumb_height')" 12 years ago
Daku 9a2d694b6a Made the replace form look similar to the new upload form. 12 years ago
Daku c37569f3d4 Fixed reCaptcha. 12 years ago
Daku dab67ea1bb Updated recaptcha. 12 years ago
Daku c125c4ba92 Making the upload form look a bit nicer. 12 years ago
Daku fbe0df29ed Fixed scaling with the theme patch. 12 years ago
Daku c7852423d4 Added a feature which removes the size tag from mp3 tooltips. 12 years ago
Daku 56931b0eaa Changed the 192x192 default to use the max thumbnail size. Made this work with SVG aswell. 12 years ago
Daku a38327b6d3 Made flash thumbnails have a default 192x192 resolution. 12 years ago
Shish Moom 986d010f8e Merge pull request #57 from DakuTree/master 12 years ago
Daku 583de3fe6a Small update to include the code by green-ponies in issue #51. 12 years ago
Daku 2b717063eb Updated the bookmarklet to give you an option to use either the your own or the current tags. 12 years ago
Daku 0e4f93a42f Added a separate option for popular tags length. 12 years ago
Shish Moom 233f01052e Merge pull request #56 from DakuTree/master 12 years ago
Daku ac9e1c73cf Adding a simple Danbooru>Shimmie bookmarklet. 12 years ago
Shish c6682b9069 make_link for numeric score votes, and put in theme.php, fixes issue #50 12 years ago
Shish a89c5943d8 error details when the file copy fails 12 years ago
Shish 054a92a979 Merge branch 'master' of 12 years ago
Shish 8cb95ceb98 also allow https sources 12 years ago
Shish Moom d5d2bf66af Merge pull request #48 from green-ponies/master 12 years ago
green-ponies (jgen) ef61a4cb4a Small patch for Blotter extension, and also added Version to debug output. 12 years ago
Shish 9361032cb6 user page needs current user 12 years ago