A Matrix Synapse administration tool written in bash. #axon:matrix.thisisjoes.site
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A Matrix Synapse administration tool written in bash. In early development.

Supported operations

Session management

  • logging in with username and password
  • homeserver discovery using '.well-known' files
  • logging out and invalidating session

Homeserver operations

  • getting server version information
  • sending server notices

Federation operations

  • getting details about federation destination
  • resetting the connection timeout for federation destination

Room operations

  • resolving room aliases
  • creating room aliases
  • deleting room aliases
  • purging room history
  • deleting and blocking rooms
  • getting details about forward extremities
  • deleting forward extremities

User operations

  • getting list of joined rooms for user
  • resetting password for user
  • creating new users
  • deactivating users
  • shadowbanning users
  • managing ratelimits for users

How to use


This project uses LINAC. To use the provided version of LINAC to build axon.sh, do ./utils/linac build axon.sh.build.


Invoke like any other bash script, e.g. bash build/axon.sh


Type help at the axon.sh prompt for builtin help. You will probably want to login first.