• v0.22.0 30bd06eb53

    v0.22.0 Pre-Release

    joe released this 1 year ago | 48 commits to dev since this release


    • Fixed missing email address in author line.


    • Added support for looking up local users by third-party ID (3PID). Requires Synapse version 1.72.0rc1 or later.
    • Added basic support for retrieving event reports. See help server for usage info on the new 'reports' subcommand. (#12)
    • Added warranty and conditions commands to print info regarding license terms, as recommended by the GNU GPLv3.
    • Added copyright notice and license identifier to source files.


    • Output log messages to stderr instead of stdout. (#37)
    • Output user prompts to stdout instead of stderr. (#37)
    • [Internal] Refactored ReadConfiguration and ReadEnvironment. (bc59456d12)