555 Commits (develop)

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  poeti8 206f31a0c2 fix: sending empty report 1 year ago
  poeti8 d64922eb4f fix: clear cache when updating domain 1 year ago
  poeti8 b6ee1fe800 fix: signup unverified user again 1 year ago
  Pouria Ezzati 91f10c8b3c
docs: remove wiki link 1 year ago
  poeti8 684d833a31 fix(migration): parsing and passing date 1 year ago
  poeti8 d53f28f56b docs(docker): add docker section 1 year ago
  poeti8 b8933edde7 chor(docker): update docker for v2 1 year ago
  poeti8 f6d566f33d fix: change target max length to 2040. 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 24eab1fbe5 Bump knex from 0.19.2 to 0.19.5 (#223) 1 year ago
  poeti8 cc00758f6b chor: update geoip-lite package 1 year ago
  poeti8 ed64b34f58 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:thedevs-network/kutt into develop 1 year ago
  poeti8 def5e12e21 chor: update dependencies 1 year ago
  poeti8 24415ff2e3 fix: case-insensitive matching user email now 1 year ago
  Mehrad 0bc7f01493 Add kutt-vscode to Integrations section (#207) 1 year ago
  poeti8 2a53bf0921 Fix showing incorrect stats 1 year ago
  poeti8 d618f89fb0 Update date-fns package 1 year ago
  poeti8 dd703450ae Merge branch 'v2-beta' into develop 1 year ago
  poeti8 43c187a7b4 2.0.1 1 year ago
  poeti8 5819a00091 Add missing updated_at column to visits table 1 year ago
  Pouria Ezzati 33320f0205
[v2-beta] Move from Neo4j to Postgres, use TypeScript for server. Fixes #217, #197, #190, #75 (#220) 1 year ago
  poeti8 a980f632a0 Merge branch 'develop' into v2-beta 1 year ago
  poeti8 0428e9eb5d Fix not authenticating user on initial load. Fixes #71 1 year ago
  poeti8 3a40da2710 Fix proptype warning 1 year ago
  poeti8 5c892bac03 Return countAll as number instead of string 1 year ago
  poeti8 ba13b6c0be Improve table nav buttons clicking and listing 1 year ago
  poeti8 9c4829c9e8 Fix limit when getting list of links 1 year ago
  poeti8 eba468cc1c Fix main path 1 year ago
  poeti8 9f13b33b15 2.0.0 1 year ago
  poeti8 16dc6d2e70 Add fail note to migration 1 year ago
  poeti8 ccf2b6529c Fix and improve links migration script 1 year ago
  poeti8 7d993637d8 Fix deleting links by deleting visits of links first 1 year ago
  poeti8 a0dd4f659c Fix IP cooldown not working 1 year ago
  poeti8 21a581ae87 Fix creating anonymous links 1 year ago
  poeti8 e7dbf7fd2c Linting 1 year ago
  poeti8 f7b8e8f674 Add shortUrl to link response for backward compatibility 1 year ago
  poeti8 2c3473a18c Add script to delete duplicated visit relationship 1 year ago
  poeti8 6a547065d6 Fix migrating visit referrers 1 year ago
  poeti8 41faa5a0b8 Update with v2 guides 1 year ago
  poeti8 153c56b181 Update example with new env vars 1 year ago
  poeti8 8807b11521 Update migration guid with important note 1 year ago
  poeti8 1f50d1053e Decrease target limit to 1023 1 year ago
  poeti8 b1186ca8cb Increase cahr limit to 1023 1 year ago
  poeti8 b813425e7d Add migration guide 1 year ago
  poeti8 bfd417b8f8 Add skip and fix query 1 year ago
  poeti8 f0f42ae450 Decrease concurrent connections 1 year ago
  poeti8 bbcbcea96d Improve migration scripts 1 year ago
  poeti8 b1cc8b0ea8 Remove unused 1 year ago
  poeti8 752dc7cd6c 💥 Move to Postgres from MongoDB 1 year ago
  Thomas Rory Gummerson 1249bc99ae Update github username, fix indent 1 year ago
  Pouria Ezzati 3bdb85f050
Merge pull request #212 from vdbongard/fix-stats-for-custom-domains 1 year ago