A shell script to make purging remote media files from a Matrix Synapse server easier.
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Remote Media Killer

A shell script to make purging remote media files from a Matrix Synapse server easier.


These (or compatible versions) are likely included by default with your chosen GNU/Linux system.

  • Tested with GNU bash 5.0.11
  • Requires GNU date for date/time conversion
  • Requires Perl for domain validation
  • Uses the _synapse/admin/v1/purge_media_cache API endpoint


Downloading directly

Go to the Releases page and click the link for rmk.sh to download the script.

Downloading using git

Navigate to a reasonable directory and download the repo with git clone https://gitbucket.thisisjoes.site/git/joe/remote_media_killer.git. This will create a directory named remote_media_killer automatically.

To ensure you run the latest version of the script, first navigate to the directory with cd remote_media_killer, then switch to the latest version with git checkout 1.0.0, replacing "1.0.0" with a more recent version if necessary.


Executing the script

You may execute the script directly using bash with bash rmk.sh.

You may also mark the script as executable with chmod +x rmk.sh and execute using this shorthand ./rmk.sh.

Making executable from anywhere

If you don't want to have to navigate to the directory containing the script before executing it, you can make it executable from anywhere by first marking it as executable (see above), then copying it to an appropriate directory cp -p rmk.sh /usr/bin/local/rmk. Finally execute the script with rmk.

Inputting Information

Remote Media Killer only takes three variables:

  1. The FQDN (Domain) of your Matrix Synapse server.
  2. The time/date (Time) of the oldest media you want to keep.
  3. The account token (Token) of a Matrix account with administrative privileges on your server.

Type each of these variables when prompted and press Enter to continue. The script will return relevant errors if there are any, as well as any output from the Synapse server.

For example, a successful media purge would result in output similar to the following:

	"deleted": 1337

Common Errors

If you encounter an error while using the script you may find a solution on the [Common Errors](https://gitbucket.thisisjoes.site/joe/remote_media_killer/wiki/Common Errors) page.