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<h1>Let's Talk About Privacy!</h1>
<p>On this website there are no ads or third-party trackers, but I do use analytics software called <i><a href="">Matomo</a></i>.</p>
<p><i>Matomo</i> is hosted on the same server as this website, which means none of the data it collects ever leaves my control.</p>
<h2>What Data I Collect</h2>
<p>I use <i>Matomo</i> to learn how visitors like you use my site. My goal is to use this data to improve my site.</p>
<p>The data I collect is very basic. It includes the following:</p>
<li>The IP address you're connecting to my site from. (After 6 hours this is anonymized.<sup><a href="#Note_1">1</a></sup>)</li>
<li>The pages on my site you visit and which links on those pages you click on.</li>
<li>The browser you're using. (e.g. <i>Chrome</i> or <i>Firefox</i>)</li>
<li>The type of device you're using. (e.g. phone or desktop)</li>
<li>The approximate location you're visiting my site from (e.g. Texas or England)</li>
<h2>Opting Out</h2>
<p>There are multiple ways for you to opt out!</p>
<li>Uncheck the box below.<sup><a href="#Note_2">2</a></sup></li>
<li>Enable the Do Not Track setting in your browser.</li>
<li>Use a blocker like <i><a href="">uBlock Origin</a></i>.</li>
<iframe id="matomoOptOut"
<li id="Note_1">Every 6 hours a script on my server removes the last two octets from every IP address in my server's log
before it is compressed and archived. For example, "" becomes "".</li>
<li id="Note_2">Unchecking this box will set a cookie on your device which tells <i>Matomo</i> not to track
anything at all about your visits to my site.</li>
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