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Synapse Registration Bash

This custom synapse registration page relies on capthouli captcha and fcgiwrap to run the shell scripts.
TODO: write more shit


  • Install captchouli and set captchouliurl in config file
  • Install fcgiwrap and configure your nginx to serve the and
  • Configure nginx to send GET request to captchouli server, and POST to the can be accessed directly.
  • Configure elementurl in config file to point at element so it can redirect to login page on success, and registrationurl to point at domain where the registration scripts are served. synapse_admin_api in the config should point at domain where your synapse exposes admin api for registrationi
  • get registration_shared_secret: from your synapse homeserver.yaml and configure it in ~/.secret file of the user that is running your fcgiwrap service (http or www-data most likely)
  • The registration scripts will display banner.png and background.jpg from the root of your webpage, so you might want to set those up.